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16. Juli 2017

Introduction of the Molchanovs Freediving Method (MFM) – Munich, 15 – 16 July

Alexey Molchanov presents Molchanovs Freediving Method  in Munich

Alexey golden suit

Freedive Munich is proud to host world champion freediver Alexey Molchanov. Fresh off repeating his remarkable world record dive of -129m in constant weight, he is coming to Munich on the 15th and 16th of July. For the first time, Alexey will introduce his successful training methode MFM© to the english speaking freediving community. Accompanied by the Heads of AIDA International and AIDA Germany, he will explain how and why the MFM© works and provide us with in-water demonstrations. We are excited to welcome Alexey and we hope you can join us for this unique event!

Alexey diving blue hole

Day 1: Saturday, July 15th – Conference Day

Time: 10:00h – 17:00h approx., Location: t.b.a

  • Opening of the event by Robert Woltmann (President of Freedive Munich)
  • Introduction of VIP Guests: Carla Hanson (President of AIDA Int.), Andreas Falkenroth (President of AIDA Germany) and Anna von Boetticher( german record holding freediver)
  • Presentation: “Sport-scientific knowledge in freediving” (Prof. Dr. Oleg Milikhov ,Medical Officer AIDA international, Director of the Institute of Clinical Research, Moscow)
  • Presentation: The MOLCHANOVS FREEDIVING METHOD (Alexey Molchanov)
  • Discussion & Q+A
  • Coffee & Lunch-Break
  • Press Conference
  • Individual counseling for athletes and coaches by Alexey Molchanov
Day 2: Sunday, July 16th – Freediving in Lake Starnberg

Time: 12:00h – 16:00h approx. (open End), Location: Allmannshausen (Berg) 

Alexey invites you to join him for a freediving session in beautiful Lake Starnberg:
  • Preparation and Briefing with Alexey Molchanov at the lake (approx. 1 h)
  • Depth Session with Alexey in the lake (approx. 2,5 h)
  • Lunch and social get together at Allmannshausen (Berg)